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Article: 812
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-02-08 03:33:10 -0500
Subject: Re: milter-ahead and backup mailservers

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John Hinton wrote:
> I have configured on the backup mailserver all the domains for which 
> relaying is allowed.. the basics of the backup system. What I'm 
> wondering about, is what entries should be made to the mailtable on the 
> backup machine. Can I do this with one entry per server or will I need 
> to create an entry for each individual hosted domain account? For instance
> servername.example.tld               esmtp:[ip_address_of_that_server] 
> or [servername.example.tld]

You have some choices now with the latest release:

a) Use the classic method of

example.com		esmtp:[]

One entry per domain. Remember too that mailertable can handle 
subdomains with:

.example.com		esmtp:[primary.host]

The name in brackets can be a FQDN of the host or IP. If you have mail 
addresses for a domain that use BOTH subdomains and domains, you'll need 
two entries in mailertable (thats a sendmail thing, see the Bat Book 3e).

b) Enable the milter-ahead -m option to perform MX lookups on the RCPT's 
domain as given by the sendmail macro {rcpt_host}. This will simplify 
many things if you have a large number of domains to handle. Presumably 
you will have already specified that you relay/accept mail for the 
domain in one of the other sendmail files, so with -m milter-ahead 
should consult the primary host based on MX lookup.

c) It should be possible to mix both methods too.

> And if that entry looks correct, can I add just one primary 
> hosting/mailserver to the mailtable at a time? In other words, if the 
> entry doesn't exist, milter-ahead doesn't look, therefore doesn't reject 
> the email until other mailserver entries are made.


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