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Article: 809
From: Don Reiher
Date: 2006-02-04 09:47:29 -0500
Subject: Re: How can I embed spamlevel in subject line

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Works like a charm.

I made one mod.  I still need the subjectTag so I tacked the
clipped string of x's right on the end of my subjectTag (no
spaces).  I also clipped at 15 rather than 20.  I never get any
false positives that high, and the x's really take up real estate.
However, this setup is perfect.

I replaced this

(void) snprintf(data->line, sizeof data->line, "%s %s", subjectTag, 


(void) snprintf(data-line, sizeof data->line, "%s%s %s", subjectTag, 
data->helo, data->Subject);

> Insert
> 	TextCopy(data->helo, sizeof (data->helo), data->line);
> (data->helo is no longer required by this point and can be reused for
> something else; generally not a good idea to retask buffers, but it is
> after all a quick hack.)
> Then where the updated subject is formatted, replace subjectTag with
> data->helo (of course this will break the -s option ie. make it a noop).
> Alternatively modify the format strings for the subject to include the
> level characters kept in data->helo
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