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Article: 806
From: Don Reiher
Date: 2006-02-03 21:10:26 -0500
Subject: How can I embed spamlevel in subject line

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I am using milter-spamc as a spam/virus filter to relay to
my Groupwise 6.53 server.

I am presently using a custom subjectTag to flag spam and
it works very well.  Groupwise cannot use the score and
threshold tag to delete spam above a certain level. The
rules are not that sophisticated.  I cannot search on
X-Spam-Level in the header. . . it is not available to
the rules in Groupwise 6.5.

I studied the code for a while. . . but I am not that good
with arrays.   I cannot seem to figure out how to do this.
Can someone help me with some snippets?  I just need someone
to get me started. . . I can finish it myself.

There needs to be a maximum amount of x's like 20 or so.
Too many x's and I won't be able to read the subject.

Thanks in Advance,

Don Reiher

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