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Article: 793
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-01-13 03:29:55 -0500
Subject: Re: [SPAM] milter-ahead - option to list domain/mail server

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Geoff Steer wrote:
> Looking at the latest milter-ahead, I notice that there is now an option
> to list domain/mail server data in a bdb file. 
> The documentation states that if an entry is not found in this file then
> the normal rcpt_host lookup is done.
> Is there an option to say that if the domain name is not found in the
> bdb then to process the mail message normally i.e. no look ahead done?

There is no such option. If -m is not specified and there is "no defined 
route" ie. esmtp:[ip] or esmtp:[hostname] with the square brackets, then 
   there is nothing to do. Of course, if you do use the square-backets 
form for AS/AV machines then that would be a problem.

> Would the modification to do this be major?

No. It should be fairly simple.

> [We have a number of mail servers that will accept any email address as
> long as the domain is correct (Exchange servers) and we want to skip any
> unnecessary processing for these types of servers.

FAQ entry on how to use milter-ahead with Exchange:


I'm told not all versions of Exchange have this.

> The other reason we want to do this is it means we won't have to modify
> sendmail.cf to provide the {rcpt_host}. The next hop from our gateway

Huh? Sendmail provides {rcpt_host} by default when it determines the 
mailer triple, which is typically the domain portion of the address or 
the next hop as given by mailertable. Its in the standard set of macros 
communicated to milters. I don't follow what you're referring to here.

> servers is never the customer mail server but is determined based on
> services that the mail recipient is subscribed to (AS, AV, others). This
> means at least an extra LDAP lookup per message]
> Regards
> Geoff Steer
> Firstwave Technology P/L

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