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Article: 745
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-10-30 13:22:47 -0500
Subject: Lets howl at the moon! Snert milter updates...

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First off LibSnert/1.53 is now available. Its pretty much not backwards 
compatible due to a policy change in smfAccessRcpt(), so most milters 
have been touched in some way either to implement the new policy or 
maintain the old one until I determine the impact of the change.

Pretty much ever milter has been touched EXCEPT milter-ahead (1.0 coming 
soon) and milter-limit. The most significant changes are in:

milter-bcc: Support for format-lists and REGEX patterns.


milter-spiff: multi-home MX bug fix.

The rest of the changes in the milters are minor with respect to the new 


milter-length: can impose message size limits per IP, domain, or sender 
instead of the global size limit enforced by sendmail. BETA.


Roundhouse: an SMTP multiplexer intended for testing multiple SMTP 
servers with a live data stream while still delivering mail to the 
primary production server. With the release of Sendmail X, this tool 
might come in handy in order to evaluate Sendmail X against Sendmail 8. 


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