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Article: 739
From: Paul McAvoy
Date: 2005-10-23 13:35:00 -0400
Subject: milter-report

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Hi Anthony,

Thanks for the milter report.  I have installed it on my system and now 
get mail 2x a day with a list of bounced email's.  Groovy! :)

I am having a bit of trouble with it however.  I am runing it with the 
command line option '-p copy' to have myself get cc'd on all the reports 
that go out.  I see that a number of people are getting repeat reports 
from previous days.  Are you aware of this, and am I doing anything wrong?

I have configured the milter-report to use a BDB data file.

Additionally, I see that postmaster is getting a duplicate report 
message just after the period it is supposed to.  Ie: I think that the 
default report times are 5am and 5pm.  I'll often get another report to 
postmaster at some other time.  For instance 2:30pm.

Any clues to what I may have not configured , or mis-configured?

Thanks very much!

- Paul

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