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Article: 733
From: Andreas Haase
Date: 2005-10-12 10:27:28 -0400
Subject: strange connect attempts when using milter-ahead

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I'm using libsnert 1.48 and milter-ahead 0.9 in a dual sendmail setup to 
determine whether a rcpt exists or not. So I modified the source to only 
look ahead if the rcpt_host is localhost. Now if I increase the debug 
level of the milter I see connect attempts to pop.snert.net and 
mx1.tasfrance.com. Also tcpdump shows the effect. Are there any reasons 
why the connects must be done or how can I disable them?

Thank you in advance.


Andreas Haase
EastLink GmbH
-------------- professional INTERNET services -------------

EastLink GmbH  -  Leipziger Strasse 46  -  D-09113 Chemnitz
voice: +49-180-5432060 fax: +49-371-4320626 www.eastlink.de

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