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Article: 729
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-09-29 23:28:02 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-spiff: SPF result Fail on HELO

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Tristan Griffiths wrote:
> Using milter-spiff/0.4.8

What version of LibSnert are you linked with? Please make sure its 1.52.

> Error message is "550 5.7.1 HELO monlib.vic.gov.au from SPF 
> result Fail;"
> The mail machine (PTR hq2b.monlib.vic.gov.au) is connecting 
> to us sending HELO as monlib.vic.gov.au and is returning a Fail result. 

HELO monlib.vic.gov.au

Is not a FQDN as far as I can tell, though this should not be an issue 
as far as I can tell in the spf.c code.

> If I check the TXT records for the domain "v=spf1 a mx ptr 
> a:gwbm.monlib.vic.gov.au mx:gwbm.monlib.vic.gov.au -all" which says to 
> accept ptr/reverse dns but the mitler is failing it.
> Am I missing something? Does the current implementation not check PTR 
> records?

The current version does support PTR records. My spf CLI (in LibSnert) 

$ ./spf -v -h monlib.vic.gov.au monlib.vic.gov.au
monlib.vic.gov.au Pass

What was the MAIL argument? I'll look further into this once I wake up 
to see if there is a difference in behaviour between the CLI and the milter.

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