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Article: 727
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-09-23 02:00:49 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-report placement in sendmail.mc file

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Jeff Powell wrote:
> I'm just trying out milter-report.  Does it matter where in the
> sendmail.mc file the milter-report part is placed, especially in
> relation to the other milters?  In my file, I have four milters, in this
> order in the file:
> 1.  Milter-sender
> 2. SpamAssassin
> 3. MIMEDefang
> 4. Milter-report

 From my testing it shouldn't matter.

> So far in my testing, I have not been able to get milter-report to mail
> me anything.  I have tried setting it to mail a report in just a few
> minutes, i.e., if it is currently 0000 I put 0005 in the cf file,
> restart milter-report, and wait 5 minutes.  Does milter-info only report

milter-report only mails a report of FAILURES. Not a report of 
successes. So the first thing you have to do to test it is start an SMTP 
session, give HELO and MAIL and maybe the RCPT (yourself), then RSET or 
QUIT. It will then record the message failure. At the next report 
interval, you and/or postmaster will receive a report.

> on the mails that it personally observes being rejected, so if no mails
> are rejected during the above 5-minute period, no report is generated?

Correct. When you test it make sure you use a valid RCPT TO: address 
since this is where the report goes. If the RCPT is not specified or the 
mail reject before a RCPT is given, then postmaster will receive the report.

> In the above scenario I have seen milter-report generate "report 0005
> started" in the log but nothing further, and no e-mail.
> Jeff

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