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Article: 709
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-08-27 13:33:12 -0400
Subject: Re: libsnert/milter-ahead on AMD64

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> My suspicion is that Linux decided to make an 'optimization' and
> decided that the size of the memory block for a network address will
> not be longer than 32 bits.

Well I reread the ANSI C89 definition and essentially a long cannot be 
smaller that 32 bits.

> So, from a portability standpoint these days, one can count on int
> being 32-bits and that long varies across platforms. That's quite

No. int has NO defined size. It can be the sizeof (int) can be equal to 
either sizeof (short) or sizeof (long) or some where in between, which 
prior to 68 bits systems never happened.

An int is defined to represent the architecture's native or optimal 
machine word. So in the days of CP/M Z80 an int was a short, then later 
with 80x86 and M68000 systems compilers would define int equivalent to a 

> As an aside, I'm new to your software. But, I think your directory
> layout and coding style is very, very nice.

Many people don't understand it and complain that its "wrong", but I 
borrowed from Java directory tree structures, since LibSnert is also 
used by some of my Java JNI code and so had to merge into that 
development environment too.

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