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Article: 701
From: E Y
Date: 2005-08-20 05:26:16 -0400
Subject: milter-limit question

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I have no experience on the milter-limit, and I am searching for a
limit feature of a milter.

I am wondering if the milter-limit have the feature that it can limit
the rate of the envelope recipients specified from a specific IP
address.  I have a experience of a spammer/zombie inside specified a
batch of recipients in a smtp connection and then rset it to send
another batch of recipients.  Then a zombie only connected only once
and still spam out in large until the mail adminstrator find out its
mail server is being blocked by others.  milter-limit will not be much
useful in this case, I think.  However, if each recipient entered is
being counted, say 99 recipients per hour, it will protect the mail
server from spamming too much out and get alert from the milter log.

make sense?


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