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Article: 700
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-08-17 02:23:24 -0400
Subject: Re: It was like riding a cork over a waterfall, sir.

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cc wrote:
> Anthony Howe sighed and wrote::
>>LibSnert 1.50 is now available. It is HIGHLY recommended update for all 
>>SnertSoft milters as it corrects a problem with access.db update 
>>detection that can crash most of the mitlers. Reported by Joe Matuscak.
> Is LibSnert 1.5 backward compatible for older milters?

Depends on the milter as noted in each milter's change log.

There were significant API changes as of LibSnert 1.41 that required new 
versions of all the milters released at the some time on the 1st June 
2005. Some LibSnert bug fixes since that date require a correspoonding 
milter update, most notiably milter-sender, -spiff, -limit, and -bcc 
because of some further API or milter changes. Again look at the change 
log, where I note the minimum LibSnert version required.

But without knowing which milter & version you are refering to, I 
couldn't tell you specifically. In the case of the last free versions of 
milter-sender/0.62 and -spamc/0.25, LibSnert 1.41+ will not link with them.

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