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Article: 692
From: Barry Callahan
Date: 2005-08-07 09:19:27 -0400
Subject: [DYNDNS] Re: Re: milter-report: report email address

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> So the reason the postmaster is notified is BECAUSE the recipient is
> unknown. Otherwise if the recipient were known (and valid) then the
> recipient receives the report directly of those senders that were blocked.

Right.  But if support is to be added to the milter to send a copy of the 
report to not just the original recipient, but to an admin/postmaster 
address as well, the only indication that the admin would have of whose 
report he's seeing is to look at the headers on the report email.

I have not looked at the documenetation for milter-report yet, so I don't 
know if the recipient address appears in the subject line or not, but I 
would definately expect it to be in the To: header. That SHOULD be enough 
for a competant mail admin to know whose report they're looking at, but 
there are days that I wonder. 

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