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Article: 691
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-08-07 06:24:14 -0400
Subject: mitler-gris list -r option...

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I'm curious if anyone uses the milter-gris -r (or milter-sender 
GreyListRejectCount option), because I'm seriously considering dropping 
this option in light of how many legit yet poorly configured servers 
there are that fire off retries within seconds. It just seems not worth 
keeping. Comments?

The -r option:

During the temporary block time given by -b, the number of attempts to 
deliver a message corresponding to the connecting IP, sender, and 
recipient tuple will be counted. If after that time the counter exceeds 
the -r value, then the message is permanently rejected. Set to zero (0) 
to disable this part of the grey-list strategy. The default is 0 (disabled).

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