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Article: 689
From: Marcus Sobchak
Date: 2005-08-07 04:20:52 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-report: report email address

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Good morning,

Anthony Howe schrieb:
> Marcus Sobchak wrote:
>>is it possible to send the report to another address than to <postmaster> ?
> If you're talking about milter-report, no not yet. The current wish list is:
>     +	Suggested by Grant Taylor: mail to a specified admin account
>     	using plus-detail address, like admin+user@admin.domain or
>     	admin+user_domain@admin.domain.
> I think your request falls under the last one.

Thanks. Another question recording to the output of the report. The out 
put is:

This is a list of known emails that were not delivered to
you for some reason. If any of the addresses listed below
are known to you, please contact you email adminstrator.

Sun Aug  7 07:11:44 2005 j775Bfub022365 <sdoherty_li@att.net> 
([] [])

I think it would be interesting to know to recipiet too. Something like:

    <suuherty_zp@att.net> -> <lists@recipient.tdl>



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