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Article: 676
From: cc
Date: 2005-08-02 03:55:27 -0400
Subject: Re: sender question

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Anthony Howe wrote:

>Well, milter-date already does Received: header checking for time & date 
>I read or heard some where recently something interesting about testing 
>Received: headers concerning the path a message has claimed to have 
>taken, but have since forgotten the details and where I learnt about it.
Well, it is a possible area to check for spam, especially if you know the
backup mail servers.  I've noticed a few spam which got through the
milter-sender was because of the secondary MX.   So testing for
the immediate Received: header 'below' the secondary MX's line
might prove to help, unless the spam goes through more than
2 backup mail servers.  :)

Just a thought.  I don't know the feasibility of such a milter though.
In theory it sounds like a good idea.

>Why did you choose to disable milter-sender on the secondary MX?
Well, mainly because the boss and some of the marketing types
were complaining that some people were having trouble sending
email to them.   Another reason was more of a knee-jerk reaction
on my part and it had nothing to do with their complaints; but was
more or less the new licensing agreement.  I emailed you about
this earlier last week or the week before.    I had wanted to
check for an update for milter-sender and discovered the
LA had changed and wasn't sure whether or not I was
permitted to use an older version without paying. :)

Now with your given permission, I'm still waiting for
the boss and the marketing/sales staff to discuss the
opportunity costs involved with having milter-sender
set on. 

As for the primary MX, as I didn't have physical
access (until now), so I couldn't disable the milter-sender
running here.  

Thanks for the info,


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