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Article: 674
From: cc
Date: 2005-08-01 21:56:01 -0400
Subject: Re: sender question

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Anthony Howe wrote:

>the SMTP transaction. An upcoming release will have a new CLI for the 
>core test that could be scripted to do something like you suggest. 
>However, I see little utility in testing the information in other 
>Received: headers as these headers cannot be trusted.

Or possibly this could be another milter idea?   Since milter-sender's 
chore is to determine the legitimacy of the connection,  another milter 
can take
the received headers and do a check on them.    I realize that received 
can be forged and when you're talking about spam directly from the 
'horse's mouth'
so to speak, the whole received headers list is/can be bogus. 

But under certain conditions, since spam also hit the backup mail 
server, and
if the backup mail server doesn't have milter-sender (or similar) installed,
the main mail server will get hit by spam forwarded via the backup server.
This is of my current problems right now.  After disabling the milter-sender
from the backup server,  the flow of spam has increased somewhat. 

While I don't think it's necessary to check all the received headers,
possibly because after the 2nd received header,  if the 2nd last
received header is bogus, the rest  are bogus.  :)

Anyway, thanks for the info. 


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