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Article: 666
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2005-07-27 20:34:47 -0400
Subject: White list pattern matching...

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I'm sure all the email administrators on this list (most of us right?) 
have had to deal with Yahoo Groups.  Well unfortunately I've got a user 
that is being more of a pain than necessary and thus I'm having to 
revamp my solution.  I'm sure you have noticed that Yahoo does little to 
clean up the emails that are sent to it's group members and thus likely 
to be dropped by milters like milter-date.  In looking at the headers 
and maillogs for the emails coming from Yahoo all the messages that come 
from the list are sent with (what I believe to be a form of) VERP 
(Variable Envelope Return Path) in such that the sending email address 
is different per message and recipient.  However all the sender 
addresses seem to be made up of "sender-<a series of numbers and 
dashes>-<recipient user part>=<recipient domain part>@<sender domain 
part>".  I would like to be able to have something similar to 
"milter-date-From:<recipient user part>=<recipient domain
domain part>   OK".  I know that I could match based on the entire 
sender address but I'm not sure if I can match on part of it or not.

Grant. . . .

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