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Article: 658
From: Tanel Kokk
Date: 2005-07-21 11:08:55 -0400
Subject: Question: milter-spiff trying to connect to pop.snert.net?

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We are testing milter-spiff plugin in our systems. Seems work quite
good, except milter-spiff plugin will try to connect to
pop.snert.net:25, then mx2.tasfrance.com:25 aso. Because our test-server
locates behind firewall, these connections would be dropped.

Can anybody explain me what is going on? Why plugin will make SMTP
connection to home (mx2.tasfrance.com, pop.snert.net are mail-gateways
to milter.info domain)? Will plugin try to send an e-mail to home?

Tanel Kokk

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