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Article: 655
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-07-14 09:40:41 -0400
Subject: Re: Specifying options to milter-spamc 1.2

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Joe Matuscak wrote:
> I'm having problems setting the options for milter-spamc when specifying 
> them in /etc/mail/milter-spamc.cf. I've tried:
> OPTIONS="-B spamtrap@rohrer.com -A"

The /etc/mail/milter-spamc.cf is NOT a shell script. Its just a text 
file containing options. So you simply say:

-B spamtrap@rohrer.com -A

And thats it.

> and:
> OPTIONS="-B spamtrap@rohrer.com -A"
> export OPTIONS
> and:
> -B spamtrap@rohrer.com -A

This should work.

Have you looked in the maillog for any error messages from when the 
milter starts? It might be file ownership permissions preventing the 
process from reading the file. It the milter-spamc started as root or a 
different user? With the new version, start it as root and it will 
change process owner after reading the options and creating the socket 
and pid file in /var/run.

> Nothing seems to work.  I can manually edit /etc/init.d/milter-spamc and 
> put the first line in and it does what I want.  What am I missing?

Placing the options in /etc/init.d/milter-spamc also works

> Thanks,
> Joe Matuscak
> Rohrer Corporation
> 717 Seville Road
> Wadsworth, Ohio 44281
> (330)335-1541
> matuscak@rohrer.com

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