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Article: 642
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-07-06 18:00:03 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-limit-Connect default value?

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jeremie0@aim.com wrote:
> I am using milter-limit version 0.5.58 on Sendmail 8.12.11.
> Is it possible to define a default value for milter-limit-Connect, that 
> would apply to all IPs not otherwise defined?

Not at this time, but it might be an interesting enhancement option. My 
only problem with it is how best to implement it.

a) Have one key as the default for all IPs not covered by a more 
specific entry would be lumped into this one category. The draw backs 
with this are that you have one record being used for the remainder of 
the net. You'd probably blow any limits very quickly.

b) The second choice I think I prefer and that would be to define a 
default limt and if no specific entry and be found, create one for that 
IP only in the cache. This raises a new question. How fine do you limit, 
by IP /32 or /24 or something in between? Make it part of the default 
option specification? My gut reaction says, /32 or /128 only, because 
anything else is gets really tough to call.

Alternatively, this might be a job for milter-track, when its finished.

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