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Article: 624
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-07-01 11:12:50 -0400
Subject: "Roll out the barrel..." - milter-sender, milter-cli, libsnert updates

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LibSnert/1.46 is now available. This update fixes a serious flatfile 
cache bug and a minor Dns client bug. If you use the flatfile cache in 
any of milter-ahead, -gris, -limit, -sender, or -siq then you should 
relink with the latest libsnert code.

milter-sender/1.3 is now available and fixes a Dns related bug. Also new 
option was added "UpstreamMxList", see teh documentation.

milter-cli/0.4 is now available, which fixes a potential file descriptor 
leak and zombie child process issues.


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