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Article: 588
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-05-31 20:05:16 -0400
Subject: SnertSoft Online...

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I'm happy to announce the long awaited update to the Snert Milters has 
finally been released. There have been lots of changes within LibSnert 
and many of the milters. Notable fixes to the cache code, DNS client 
code (IPv6 support, CNAME loop detection), Linux socket timeout fix, 
revamped configure and install, fixed the startup scripts, option files, 
and much much more.

milter-ahead, -bcc, -gris, -sender, -spamc all have new options.

NOTE that with this release, many of the default file locations for 
Linux and *BSD have changed to better reflect the recommended file 
hierarchy for those systems. Most important will be the location of the 
unix domain socket, pid, and cache locations. Please look at the Notes 
section of the manual for further details.

As always, please review the change logs for libsnert and the milters 
you use.


With this update comes a new milter, milter-cli. This milter provides a 
means by which client connection and envelope details and/or message 
headers and content can be filtered using shell commands or scripts. 
Intended as a way to implement quick & dirty content filtering solutions 
when there is no other suitable milter available.

Anthony C Howe                                 +33 6 11 89 73 78
http://www.snert.com/       ICQ:
7116561         AIM: Sir Wumpus

new moon on high / jasmine on the breeze / quiet twilight

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