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Article: 576
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-05-27 02:34:59 -0400
Subject: Re: Problem with milter-ahead

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Spicer, Kevin wrote:
> I'm seeing an issue with milter-ahead 0.8.65...
> We have a number of mail accounts that have addresses beginning with +
> (these are typically mail groups) ie, the format
> +Mail_Group@mydomain.com

Plus sign is special in sendmail addresses. It denotes +details such as


The parsePath() in libsnert splits this into local-left, local-right, 
and domain. See Bat Book 3e section 12.4.4. Also look at the sendmail 
cf/README file.

> Milter Sender generates the error "553 5.1.0 cannot deliver to null
> address" for these addresses.

That is because +Mail_Group@mydomain.com splits into

	local-left = ''
	local-right = '+Mail_Group'
	domain = 'mydomain.com'

The local-left contains the username and in this case is the empty 
string and so is considered to be <>. Sendmail documents alias support for:

	user+detail1:	user, user@else.where.tld
	user+*:		root, foo, bar
	user:		snert

I see no support for the case you describe above. And even if you use 
FEATURE(`preserve_local_plus_detail') in sendmail.mc, its not a 
detectable option as it only modifies rule sets.

> Below is a portion of log tracking this issue - I've changed the exact
> email address to protect the real account from spambots and removed my
> internal server name but the log is otherwise intact.  I believe the
> issue is with the localleft and localright part splitting on the +
> rather than the @.

The handling is correct for sendmail plus detailed addresses based on 
the information I have from the Bat book.

> Because the source code isn't available on the site at present and I
> deleted the copy I had (during a mad moment of tidiness) I've been
> unable to look at the source to see exactly what is going on.

The 1st of June is the date of the next major release.

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