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Article: 575
From: Spicer, Kevin
Date: 2005-05-26 13:54:07 -0400
Subject: Problem with milter-ahead

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I'm seeing an issue with milter-ahead 0.8.65...

We have a number of mail accounts that have addresses beginning with +
(these are typically mail groups) ie, the format

Milter Sender generates the error "553 5.1.0 cannot deliver to null
address" for these addresses.

Below is a portion of log tracking this issue - I've changed the exact
email address to protect the real account from spambots and removed my
internal server name but the log is otherwise intact.  I believe the
issue is with the localleft and localright part splitting on the +
rather than the @.

Because the source code isn't available on the site at present and I
deleted the copy I had (during a mad moment of tidiness) I've been
unable to look at the source to see exactly what is going on.

May 26 18:01:25 mx1 milter-ahead[1096]: 00001 j4QH0sGo001198:
rcpt_addr='+Support_Canada@mydomain.com' rcpt_host='[XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX]'
May 26 18:01:25 mx1 milter-ahead[1096]: 00001 j4QH0sGo001198:
address='+Support_Canada@mydomain.com' localleft=''
localright='support_canada' domain='mydomain.com'
May 26 18:01:25 mx1 sendmail[1198]: j4QH0sGo001198: Milter:
to=<+Support_Canada@mydomain.com>, reject=553 5.1.0 cannot deliver to
null address

Thanks in advance



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