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Article: 567
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-05-20 11:38:47 -0400
Subject: Re: Problem (mis-configuration?) with Milter-Sender

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Taylor, Grant wrote:
>> I don't know what your server load is on this machine, but 3600
>> might be a little high for a small to moderate load. For an ISP
>> this might be suitable.  Remember, garbage collections happens
>> after N client connections. On my server I doubt I would see 3600
>> connections in 36 hours, while an ISP or a large business might see
>> this in 30 minutes.
> I have about 200 users on this server so the email load is not much
> at all, but more than a SOHO.

Still I think 3600 is too high for 200 users. Of course you're in a 
better position to observe usage patterns.

>>> GreyListRejectCount=0 #   reject too many attempts during the
>>> grey list block time, 0 = disable
>> Setting this to zero is all you need to disable the reject counter
>> and its error message.
> *nod* This is what I thought, hens my email asking for help.  :)  I'm
> starting to wonder if I might need to recompile my milter-sender with
> a more recent version.

milter-sender/0.62 is the most recent version publicly available at this 

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