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Article: 555
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-05-13 05:46:10 -0400
Subject: Re: Default behavior in milter

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Oleg M. Golovanov wrote:
> So I need to make eight hundreds entries for other users in
> accesstable file to skeep milters for them. It is not comfortable. So
> I think maybe it will be more comfortable to make as less records in
>  accesstable file as it is possible. For example 200 instead of 800. 
> But for this situation milter have to skeep all messages by default
> and filter it if it has appropriate record in the appropriate file
> (maybe accesstable) only.
> In any key I thought after using milters that its default behaviour
> must be configurable.
> What do you think about it?

Considering milter-sender:

This would require a completely new milter specific tag (or 
right-hand-side value), which performs a lookup by email@domain, domain, 
and user@, like milter-sender-to: lookups already do. The lookup would 
have to be delayed until the RCPT(s) are know, by which point the 
call-back will have already been done, since that happens when the MAIL 
command arrives, so that means DeferMailReject=1 would be required.

Essentionally a mechanism exists to do this, milter-sender-to. Also it 
would not be perfect, because milter-sender-connect: are treated during 
connection/HELO and DeferHeloReject only postpones a possible rejection 
until the MAIL command, but it does not cascade down to RCPT.

I think it would requir too many sweeping changes to support such a 
behaviour. It might be interesting to consider when I do milter-sender 
2.0 (which would be a rewrite I do have planned in the future), but for 
the up coming 1.0 it won't happen, not when I'm this close to being 
ready to release 9 milter updates and a new milter.

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