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Article: 551
From: Ingo Freund
Date: 2005-05-11 15:29:12 -0400
Subject: Re: Can't compile libsnert

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Mike wrote:
> Please check the mailinglist archive. I've had the same problem and posted some diffs
for libsnert and milter-sender. If you use a different milter, change the configure script
according to the diff of milter-sender:
> http://www.snert.com/Software/ecartis/index.php?go=/milters/2005-05/542

Thank you for the hint.
I found out, that the diff output doesn't seem to be complete.
All of the "include" lines miss the filename of the file which
has to be included: i.e.

# if defined(HAVE_WITH_DB_DB_H)
#  include <db.h>                     <--
# elif defined(HAVE_DB4_DB_H)
#  include <db4/db.h>                 <--


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