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Article: 533
From: Michael Elliott
Date: 2005-05-02 15:33:18 -0400
Subject: [SIQ] 001 Re: Re: new feature request

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> Based on this I've just added a new option, -n, to not grey list the 
> null address.
> However, auto white listing just the RCPT as a future sender of a reply 
> would certainly be a worth while enhancement, but in the case of 
> call-backs its problematic. You would have to auto white list the IPs of 
> all the MXes of each RCPT domain in the off chance that they perform a 
> call-back.
> Now consider the following example:
> 	MAIL FROM:<localuser@localmx.com>
> 	RCPT TO:<user@aol.com>

Here is an easier method.  Double lookup.  When -k = MAIL:RCPT:IP.
Greylist entries in the database are checked first as MAIL:RCPT:IP tuple, and
then as MAIL:RCPT.  Any entry added to the database from a local user would 
add the MAIL:RCPT:IP, and RCPT:MAIL as the auto whitelisting.

A more complicated version would be one that upgrades the RCPT:LOCAL to RCPT:LOCAL:IP.
The way to do that is:
  IF match was on RCPT:MAIL, and mail reaches the smfi_eof or smfi_body stage, 
    upgrade RCPT:MAIL to RCPT:MAIL:IP since it is a full incoming piece of mail.
    A new message from localuser would trigger a new RCPT:MAIL to be generated.
    the message only went to smfi_rcptto stage, and is a grey listing check, so
    change nothing.
Use a short time to live on the RCPT:MAIL entries, as they are expected to 
do their callback in seconds to hours.  There could be a intermediate MX that 
may be greylisted in the middle, so one has to allow for multiple grey listing

I personally had to turn down the database -k to only MAIL:RCPT months ago 
because too many servers like gmail round robin their connections.

-Mike Elliott
Msen Sysadmin

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