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Article: 530
From: Marc Dirix
Date: 2005-04-30 14:00:48 -0400
Subject: [SIQ] 001 Re: Re: new feature request

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> Normally I would NOT recommend using BOTH milter-sender and -gris 
> together, because milter-sender uses grey-listing in certain cases. This 
> can somethimes double the grey listing time once by milter-gris, once by 
> milter-sender.

We completely disabled greylisting in milter-sender. The advantage of
using seperate milter daemons was to get a more even payload.

> I wrote this stuff and I'm confused as to the sequence of events you're 
> describing. I'll read it again when I get home.

Sorry for confusing you,  I'll try again with an example.

Our server (LOCALMX) is mx for our own dialup clients and a few other 
networks. Dialup clients are whitelisted in access.db because they are
local. Let's say a dialup client (MISTERX) sends an email through our 
server to a server outside our netwerk (EXTERNMX). This 
EXTERNMX has a mailfilter like milter-sender installed. 
EXTERNMX's milter-sender will now try to connect to LOCALMX in
order to check if MISTERX exists on LOCALMX. However LOCALMX rejects
the recipient adres saying "Greylisting activated".
Which causes EXTERNMX's milter-sender to give an error, and mail is
stalled in the send-queue.

Does this make sense?

> But milter-sender already does auto white listing of expected return 
> mail. I suppose I could add this to milter-gris.

It is not exactly the return-mail, but the outgoing mail itself getting rejected
for the "grey" period.

> > The automatically whitelisting would typically be controled by a
> > seperate ip/domain set in the access db. 
> Huh?
> If you auto-white list, the idea is to avoid having to modify access 
> database regularly. In milter-sender the access db as I recall has 
> priority over the cache, which is to say if you black/white list 
> something in access db, then it will be acted on before the cache is 
> consulted.

I was trying here to say, that we want the above thing to happen only on
local dialup clients, and not mailservers for which we happen to MX for.
So a ruleset to put it on/off in access.db would be great ;)

Kind regards,

Marc Dirix

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