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Article: 519
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-04-27 13:21:34 -0400
Subject: Re: Sendmail , Exchange, milter-sender, how can i accept

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Andrew Lyon wrote:
> I am running sendmail 8.13.4 with milter-spamc and milter-sender which works
> very well, the sendmail box delivers email to our exchange server (5.5) for
> several domains using the mailertable feature, I have call ahead turned on
> in milter-sender but exchange 5.5 will accept any recipient at a domain for
> which it is configured to accept mail, so a large number of non deliverable
> messages queue up at our sendmail box and eventually fail and are sent to
> postmaster.
> Is there any way in sendmail I can setup a full list of valid recipients for
> each of our domains? Sendmail doesn't seem to check access.db if the
> recipient is at a domain specified in mailertable.

You could do this with a sendmail rule set to check the RCPT before the 
mailertable rulesets. Last week I wrote and posted some rules to do that 
for the sender. These could be converted to check for recipients in 
virtusertable, userdb, access, file files, or some other custom hash.

Also I think the FEATURE() macros are order sensitive (though I'm not 
certain), you might try moving FEATURE(mailertable) after 

Another thing to check on the Exchange box, disable use of "catch all" 
addresses. This is typically the biggest problem for the call-ahead system.

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