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Article: 516
From: Andrew Lyon
Date: 2005-04-27 04:26:41 -0400
Subject: Sendmail , Exchange, milter-sender, how can i accept only valid r

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I am running sendmail 8.13.4 with milter-spamc and milter-sender which works
very well, the sendmail box delivers email to our exchange server (5.5) for
several domains using the mailertable feature, I have call ahead turned on
in milter-sender but exchange 5.5 will accept any recipient at a domain for
which it is configured to accept mail, so a large number of non deliverable
messages queue up at our sendmail box and eventually fail and are sent to

Is there any way in sendmail I can setup a full list of valid recipients for
each of our domains? Sendmail doesn't seem to check access.db if the
recipient is at a domain specified in mailertable.

Any advice?


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