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Article: 514
From: Ryan Moore
Date: 2005-04-21 12:07:37 -0400
Subject: Re: Error "Only 0 recipient allowed for sender '<>'"

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Kyle Harris wrote:
> I have a few domains that receive the error "Only 0 recipient  allowed
> for sender '<>'" when sending inbound mail and then the mail is
> rejected.  I did a little research and found the setting
> OneRcptPerBounce in the config file, however mine is already set to 0.
> Why am I still getting this error, and more importantly, how can I
> resolve the issue?
> Thanks much in advance.
> Kyle H.

You'll get that when the remote system doesn't allow "mail from: <>", 
and milter-sender is rejecting it as it should. Only two solutions, the 
remote system administrator can fix their non RFC compliant mail server, 
or you can whitelist the system in the access.db.

Ryan Moore
Perigee.net Corporation
704-849-8355 (sales)
704-849-8017 (tech)

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