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Article: 502
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-04-15 05:15:36 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-spamc, is it possible to make the error message

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YourShop SA Hosting wrote:
> Spamd probably wasn't available and I got the following message in
> the log of the client:
> Apr 14 09:05:01 gamma sm-mta[442]: j3E751iB000442: Milter
> (milter-spamc): error connecting to filter: Connection refused by
> /var/lib/milter-spamc/socket

This is a Sendmail message stating that it can't connect to the milter. 
Did the milter die, crash, or is it extremely busy with SpamAssassin 

I believe I've written about this before here and on the SAGE mailing 
list. I've also written an article for an upcoming issue of the USENIX 
magazine ;login: "Shoot the Messenger: Some Techniques for Spam 
Control". In the article I talk about problems with SpamAssassin being 
"the pig of a Perl process from hell".

I suggest looking at the -K option:


Also if you have LARGE Bayes databases forming on your server, consider 
disabling the rebuilding of the spamd Bayes files per message and 
instead setup a cronjob to do it at off-peak times.

> Has anyone an idea whether it's possible to make milter-spamc less
> verbose in what it sends to the client ?

I don't follow the question. Who is the client here? Do you mean the 
connection SMTP client, the milter-spamc client of spamd, or the end 
user recipient / customer / client receiving the message?

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