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Article: 480
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-04-07 14:04:55 -0400
Subject: Re: How to I enable access.db?

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Ismael Perin wrote:

> The errors continue to happen.
> Sendmail work to deny using access.db
> Ex:
> " REJECT" is ok
> But,
> "From:a@a.com OK" not work...
> What I do?

Everything appears to be as it should be.

Please send the these files to me directly off list:


 From what I see I cannot understand why milter-sender is not opening 
the access database. The only things I can think of is that LibSnert was 
not properly built BDB or sendmail links against a different BDB library.

If I don't an obvious cause in the above mentioned files, then I would 
have to debug the milter on your machine to solve it, because I've 
exhusted all the obvious causes for the problem.

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