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Article: 468
From: Steffan Vigano
Date: 2005-04-05 20:03:01 -0400
Subject: milter-sender 'CacheAcceptTTL' theoretical limit

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First off.... thanks for a wonderful tool...   I could spend hours just 
watching the logs float by with all the denials.

Just wondering what the theoretical limit might be on the 
"CacheAcceptTTL" option.   We'd like to set it really high to avoid 
repeated greylisting of legitimate mailers, without going through and 
whitelisting all possible domains.   Seems we deal with a lot of ISP's 
that deliver the temporary error message back to the senders, causing 
confusion on their part because they don't fully understand (or even 
read) the message.

Server and site background info--   FreeBSD 4.8, Dual 2.4ghz CPU, 2 GB 
mem, lot's of disk, using BDB.  (not sure how to check DBD version)  
Before implementing milter-sender we processed ~35,000 emails a day, now 
we only accept and process ~5,000.   We greylist ~15,000 a day, and have 
about ~1,100 that get to "upgrading grey listing" status.   It's been 
runnning for about a week now and so far the DB is just over 2MB.    I'm 
not worried about disk size, but rather potential sluggishness in lookups. 

I have it currently setup as such, with no side effects so far:

> CacheAcceptTTL=7776000
> CacheGcFrequency=1000
> CacheGreyListTTL=86400
> CacheHashBucketDensity=75

That equals 90 days on the CacheAcceptTTL.....    Any thoughts?

Thanks again... Keep up the great work.

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