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Article: 467
From: Mike
Date: 2005-04-05 15:23:23 -0400
Subject: milter-sender & IPv6

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I'm having trouble with milter-sender and IPv6. When I look at milter-sender.c, I see
several IPv6 references, however connecting via IPv6 gives the following error:

# telnet ::1 25
Trying ::1...
Connected to ::1.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 <hostname> ESMTP server ready
HELO localhost
250 <hostname> Hello IDENT:7Qom7EJ8ytu1u/E6ssXsBcBtvV9RwZXY@localhost [IPv6:::1],
pleased to meet you
550 5.0.0 <>... internal error converting {client_addr}='IPv6:::1'
221 2.0.0 <hostname> closing connection

This error is not specific to the IPv6 localhost (IPv6:::1). When a connection from the
IPv6 net (for instance from IPv6:2001:888:0:1::666) is made, the same error is returned.

I'm using the latest milter-sender (0.62). On the webpage http://www.milter.info/milter-sender/index.shtml, the following reason
is stated in the section about SMTP responses: 

550 5.0.0 internal error converting {client_addr}='[^']*' 
	SocketAddressToIP() failed to convert the address string to a binary representation.

Is the SocketAddressToIP not IPv6 compatible? It seems that this function is in LibSnert.
I'm also using the latest LibSnert version (1.40).

Since more and more hosts are connecting to the IPv6 net, I would /really/ like it when
milter-sender is also IPv6 compliant, as is sendmail.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure if this error is specific in
combination with certain options I'm using. If needed, I can paste the milter-sender.cf
file I'm using.

Mike Klinkert.

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