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Article: 457
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-04-02 02:25:06 -0500
Subject: Re: I need help with Milter-Sender 0.62...

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Ryan Moore wrote:
> I don't think the snert milters recognize the sendmail spamfriend 
> syntax, though I could be wrong. Try using something like:

Most of the milters do now. But remember that Connect:, From:, To:, and 
Spam: tags have special meaning to Sendmail too.

> "TO:spamlover@domain.com	OK"

This would be the best way to get through Sendmail and ALL my milters 
with one entry and makes the clearest sense.

> Grant Taylor wrote:
>>I have reconfigured Sendmail with delay_checks friend per

This affects Sendmail, but not the milters. I don't know of any milter 
that recognises FEATURE(`delay_checks', `friend'). They have to be coded 
to support that behaviour.

>>instructions and have both DeferHeloReject and DeferMailReject set to


>>1 thus configuring Milter-Sender to check things against Sendmails
>>Access DB before it does a reject.  At least this is how I understand
>>things to be.  I'm having a problem with Milter-Sender rejecting

You sure its milter-sender and not sendmail for something else? Run 
mitler-sender with

and have a look at the maillog. If milter-sender is rejecting, bet its a 
cache thang and not an access db tag issue.

Do you have the default CacheRejectTTL=0 or some other value. If you 
changed this, put if back to 0 for a day, then change the value back to 
what you want. That should purge most of the reject entries without 
losing the accept ones.

>>emails even if they fail call back attempts even if they are set as
>>"Spam:user@domain.tld	FRIEND".  If any one could point me in the

milter-sender does support this tag (looks back into 0.62 source to 
confirm) though its not documented.

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