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Article: 456
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-04-02 01:41:42 -0500
Subject: Re: How to whitelist a domain in milter-sender?

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Emery Guevremont wrote:
> Actually I think this where I'm having problems understanding. What I've 
> done on my system is put the content of milter-sender.mc into my 
> sendmail.mc file.
> One thing I haven't figured out is the syntax for putting options in the 
>    sendmail.mc file for milter-sender.

These go into /etc/mail/milter-sender.cf

If you install milter-sender it should have created 

If you've since thrownout that file or what to get the default version, 
just say:

milter-sender help=2 >/etc/mail/milter-sender.cf.new
diff -u /etc/mail/milter-sender.cf /etc/mail/milter-sender.cf.new
mv /etc/mail/milter-sender.cf.new /etc/mail/milter-sender.cf
/etc/init.d/milter-sender restart

> So instead, I've been putting my options in the command line of my 
> milter-sender start up script.
> This is what my OPTIONS line looks like in my start up script.
> OPTIONS="SendmailCf=/etc/mail/sendmail.cf MailLogDetail=256 
> CacheGreyListTTL=0 unix:/var/lib/milter-sender/socket"

First in /etc/syslog.conf do you allow for debug level logging to teh 

mail.*		/var/log/maillog

After restarting milter-sender, check the maillog, look for the 
milter-sender copyright. Look for any messages stating that it cannot 
access the access.db file (or sendmail.cf).

Next check that necessary files permissions are setup so that 
milter-sender can read sendmail.cf and access.db. See the Notes section 
of the documentation for suggestions. Simple solution:

	chmod a+r /etc/mail/sendmail.cf /etc/mail/access.db

BUT those can be destroyed when you rebuild those files. So you have to 
adjust things to make that stick.

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