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Article: 451
From: Barry Callahan
Date: 2005-04-01 15:56:05 -0500
Subject: Re: How to whitelist a domain in milter-sender?

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>I see a DNS error from DNS misconfiguration or lacking configuration and
>nothing caused by a milter (access_db) setup.

Normal behaviour for milter-sender when an email comes in from a user on a 
machine that does not resolve via DNS is to reject the message.

What he's trying to do is override that behaviour for a select few senders.
The only way I know of that might possibly work for this milter is to make use 
of the access_db.

One example of why you might wish to override this behaviour is if you have a 
process on a not-publically accessible server at a remote site (assigned a 
192.168 address that is NOT NAT'd on the site's firewall) that is trying to send 
you status messages via email.

As for why the access_db is not being used, make sure that the 'SendmailCF' 
option is specified in the milter-sender.cf file, and that it is non-empty.

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