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Article: 450
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2005-04-01 16:21:22 -0500
Subject: I need help with Milter-Sender 0.62...

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Hi, I'm running Milter-Sender 0.62 on a box successfully now for close to 6 months.  I'm
solely migrating users off of my old mail server (with out filters) to my new one
(milter-7bit, milter-date, milter-sender, milter-spamc and eventually MIMEDefang (for
various reasons)).  So far things have been great.  I had a little trouble a while back
with milter-date white listing someone but I have that fixed now.  The problem that I'm
running in to now is that I have a SPAM Lover as in someone who does not want any of her
mail filtered.  I have reconfigured Sendmail with delay_checks friend per instructions and
have both DeferHeloReject and DeferMailReject set to 1 thus configuring Milter-Sender to
check things against Sendmails Access DB before it does a reject.  At least this is how I
understand things to be.  I'm having a problem with Milter-Sender rejecting emails even if
they fail call back attempts even if they are set as
"Spam:user@domain.tld	FRIEND".  If any one could point
 me in the correct direction on this I would appreciate this.

Thanks in advance,

Grant. . . .

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