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Article: 437
From: Christian 'CBE' Benner
Date: 2005-03-31 14:25:24 -0500
Subject: Re: Disclaimer Milter

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Which makes your very good work unusable in germany where
it is also forbidden to change everything in a mail.
(Which is described in TKG law)

We have some "funny" laws here in germany.
You must act against spm but you can't supress
a message with SPAM. It must be passed trough.

But I hope with next session of politicians 
working on TKG and 823 paragraphs they'll change
it to allow rejecting such messages.

It is also funny on virus mails.
You must pass it trough. The only way for an ISP
is to let all customers sign a letter which describes
that the customer wishes not to receive such mails and
he is allowing you to block/reject.


> This might be the basis for a new milter:
> 	milter-block-disclaimers
> Either reject/discard mail that add disclaimers (I'm reading 
> that STupid 
> disclaimer site and it makes an interesting point about whether a 
> business puts disclaimers in all their paper mail), or simiply filter 
> them out. They are so annoying that have zero legal worth.
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