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Article: 428
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-03-31 12:19:14 -0500
Subject: Re: Milter-Spamc not running more thena 24 hours

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Rice, Kevin wrote:
> b) was the process still running, but the socket disappeared?[Kevin
> Rice]  socket appears to have disappeared or was unavailable. Here's the
> error- Milter (milter-spamc): error connecting to filter: Connection
> timed out with /var/lib/milter-spamc/socket

Thats what sendmail said, did you ls -l /var/lib/milter-spamc/socket to 
verify it?

> d) if its still running, how much memory is it using?[Kevin Rice]
> although I have a process id it doesn't appear in top therefore leading
> to believe it isn't running or using memory when it hangs. 

Didn't you do a "ps axfl"?

Did spamd appear in the top list?

> f) how big are is your spamd processes?[Kevin Rice]  between 103mb and
> 110mb

Ouch! Thats HUGE! That more likely to be the problem, spamd taking too 
long to process messages, because of the number of rules and bayesian 
stats. I thought 25MB was large, especially if you fork that per message.

Do you have a large custom rule set?

> g) do you have more than one spamd process?[Kevin Rice]  yes

How many on average?

> h) does spamd rebuild the Bayes database every message? If so, change it
> to do it based on a cron job.  If the system or per-user Bayes databases
> get really large then this can slow down the system, because they take 
> forever to update, this results in sendmail/milter-spamc timeouts.[Kevin
> Rice]  Not sure if this is occurring, but will check. 

Are you using SA 2.5x or SA 3.x?  I've no experience with SA 3, but if 
its like verion 2, then a spamd process that is 103MB per message will 
probably thrash the system.

How much physical RAM do you have?

What is the load like when milter-spamc goes silent?

What are your current INPUT_MAIL_FILTER() T= setting?

What are your milter-spamc -t and and -T settings?

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