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Article: 397
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2005-03-17 02:58:09 -0500
Subject: Re: Milter-Date (0.12 (beta)) AccessDB white listing

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*nod*  I've been told by others that Milter-Sender would occasionally just dye or stop
responding.  I've gotten around that by relying on the great great great... grand father
of processes just this side of the kernel, that being INIT to respawn the Milter-Sender
process if it for some reason dies.  I have not added any logging entries to the script
that Init calls as I have not seen the need to.  But as such I've never had a problem in
the 4+ months that I've been running Milter-Sender.  I'm loving every minute of it too. 
:)  Now if I could just get Milter-Date to reference the access.db like it is suppose to.

Grant. . . .

Ryan Moore wrote:
> Removal...........: milters-request@milter.info?subject=remove
> More information..: http://www.milter.info/#Support
> --------------------------------------------------------
>  From what you posted, you're using "Milter-Date-From:x.y.z", which I'd 
> imagine should work. I don't use Milter-Date, but I do use Milter-Sender 
> and I generally use two tags when I whitelist stuff in the access db: 
> "From:x.y.z" and "Milter-Sender:x.y.x". Reason I use two is that 
> sometimes it seems Milter-Sender doesn't pickup on just the From: entry, 
> though it is rare. I'd imagine it could be related to the occasional 
> problem I have with Milter-Sender just failing to read the access.db 
> until it is restarted (I just have a cronjob to detect this and restart 
> the milter).
> Ryan Moore
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> Perigee.net Corporation
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> www.perigee.net
> Grant Taylor wrote:
>>Both Sendmail 8.13.1 and Milter-Date 0.12 were compiled by hand on
>>the system in question with 4.2.52 (patch 1 & 2 applied), all of
>>which were current at the time.  BDB was compiled by hand and
>>installed on the box (no other BDB version was on the box to my
>>knowledge as I specifically chose to not install it as well as looked
>>for any other instances of the library on the box) prior to
>>Sendmail's and Milter-Date's compile and install.  A point of notice
>>is that Milter-Sender, Milter-7bit, and Milter-Spamc are also
>>installed and fully functional (as far as no problems have arose with
>>Can you elaborate (example?) on what is meant by "...try using the
>>'Milter-Date:x.y.z' tag..."?
>>Grant. . . .

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