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Article: 391
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-03-16 05:52:26 -0500
Subject: Re: Problem with RFC2821 address check.

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Joe Matuscak wrote:
> I just installed milter-ahead and milter-spamc on my production mail 
> server. I've run into a problem with the strict checking for RFC 2821 
> compliance on the "MAIL FROM:" and "RCPT TO:" SMTP commands. I've
> two commercial applications we use that leave out the "<" and
">" around 
> the address on those commands, which causes the messages to be rejected. 
> With the milters out of the picture, sendmail (8.13.1 on Fedora Core 3) 
> will accept the address with or without the brackets.  Is there any way to 
> disable the strict address checking on the milters?

Not until the next release. I've modified the code in LibSnert 1.41 
before Xmas for parameters to parsePath() (strictSyntax, strictLength), 
but I've not released it. It won't be a command line option, probably a 
compile time flag.

I'm amazed at software that fails to adhere to a well known and 
important RFCs such as 821 and 2821. How can developers fail to 
understand a BNF grammar? Too bad the title "Software Engineer" is not 
regulated like other professional engineering titles. Must be Windows 
based software.

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