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Article: 361
From: Joe Matuscak
Date: 2005-02-27 18:57:24 -0500
Subject: Re: Building milter-sender on Fedora3

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On Sat, 26 Feb 2005, Kevin Brouelette wrote:

> I have the Fedora3 with devel packages installed and have clamav milter
> and spamassassin milter running.  Must be overlooking something.
> I can't get milter-sender to start it's build.

The latest version of gcc, which is installed on FC3, removed support for 
the -fvolatile switch.  Mr. Howe is in the process of updating the code to 
manually mark the appropriate stuff as volatile but has not yet released 
the update.

From a earlier post on this list, you can modify the configure.in script 
to remove all the references to "-fvolatile". Then run:

autoconf -f configure.in>configure

Then run configure and make.  This needs to be done for libsnert and the 
milter. I've built milter-ahead and milter-spamc on FC3 and so far, they 
seem to be working fine.

Joe Matuscak
Rohrer Corporation
717 Seville Road
Wadsworth, Ohio 44281

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