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Article: 352
From: Joe Matuscak
Date: 2005-02-18 17:01:35 -0500
Subject: Miler-ahead & milter-spamc on Fedora Core 3 SMP systems?

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I'm in the process of upgrading our mail servers and I've been 
experimenting with milter-ahead and milter-spamc. So far I'm quite 
impressed by both of them.

The new systems will be running Fedora Core (3 at the moment) on dual 
processor Compaq DL380s.  Fedora has the newer flavor of gcc that does not 
support the -fvolatile switch. In an earlier discussion on this list it 
was mentioned that the -fvolatile switches fixed a problem that occured on 
SMP systems.  I've been running the milters on a test system just 
handling mail for myself and a couple others. So far, everything has 
behaved fine, but I'm wondering if that will continue when the system is 
handling most of my mail traffic.

Anyone using the milters on an SMP system?

How are they behaving?

How likely am I to see a problem?


Joe Matuscak
Rohrer Corporation
717 Seville Road
Wadsworth, Ohio 44281

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