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Article: 340
From: Ismael Perin
Date: 2005-02-17 09:16:03 -0500
Subject: Errors

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Good Morning

1) I has downloaded milter-sender 0.62 and this only show the configuration 
file and not start.
What I do?

2) This error is occurred too:

[root@x dir]# service milter-sender start
/etc/init.d/milter-sender: line 48: unalias: announce: not found
/etc/init.d/milter-sender: line 58: unalias: pass: not found
/etc/init.d/milter-sender: line 71: unalias: fail: not found
/etc/init.d/milter-sender: line 84: unalias: getpid: not found
/etc/init.d/milter-sender: line 112: unalias: start: not found
/etc/init.d/milter-sender: line 128: syntax error near unexpected token 
`"Starting $NAME"'
/etc/init.d/milter-sender: line 128: `        announce("Starting $NAME")'

Thanks, Ismael Perin. 

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