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Article: 336
From: Marnus van Niekerk
Date: 2005-02-17 03:56:26 -0500
Subject: Re: user account fishing

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There is a small perl script spamshield.pl (www.spamshield.org) that can 
(from cron) scan your maillogs and create a list of blocked ip addresses 
based on too many mail RCPTs.
You may be able to modify it to only block RCPTS for non-existing addresses.
We use a sh script to then add those blocked IPs to the sendmail access 
table for 24 hours...

Marnus van Niekerk

Aaron Berg wrote:

>Removal...........: milters-request@milter.info?subject=remove
>More information..: http://www.milter.info/#Support
>Does anyone know of an effective way to block ip addresses for some 
>period of time if they have requested to send to say 10 user unknowns in 
>some period of time?
>Thanks for any input,

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