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Article: 308
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-01-17 15:40:44 -0500
Subject: Re: weird behavior during callback

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Willi Burmeister wrote:
> a friend of mine was sending me an email. milter-sender did a callback and
> my syslog did not show anything unusual. The syslog from the sending MTA 
> shows this:
>>Jan 11 22:43:14 client_ipv4=, client_name=eden.cs.uni-kiel.de.
>>Jan 11 22:43:15 mail=<>
>>Jan 11 22:43:15 rcpt=<AC4@dom.ain>
>                         ^^^

Read the 2nd paragraph of the MxAcceptsAllAction option which briefly 
mentions what is going on:


This previous article on the topic of grey-listing in milter-sender also 
decribes what you are seeing:


The address you highlighted above, <AC4@dom.ain>, is ment to be an 
intentionally false address based on a permutation of the sender's 
address. milter-sender during the same connection, tests two addresses, 
one supposedly false, the other the sender under consideration. In 
message #236 I discuss in more detail why and how these tests are used.

>>Jan 11 22:43:15 mail=<>
>>Jan 11 22:43:15 rcpt=<friend@dom.ain>
> Why ist milter-sender checking this AC4 address? My friend found it one more
> time in his logs, but without any explanation.
> Anyone have thoughts or suggestions?
> Willi

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